U2 Notetakers - Installing the Bible Application

  • Download the sense bible.
  • Once downloaded, locate it in Windows Explorer, and perform an Extract All.
  • When extracted, you will find a folder within it called HIMS.
  • Please copy the HIMS folder to the root of your flashdisk or SD card.
  • Note: the HIMS folder and all its contents must be copied to the root of the SD card or flashdisk. The notetaker scans the HIMS folder on every reset; if the data is not located there, the program is not loaded.
  • When the folder is copied, perform a soft reset of the unit using the reset button on the back.
  • After the unit reboots, the Sense Bible should be available under the Programs Menu located in the main menu of the notetaker.
    • Note: if you choose to install the Bible program data on an SD card, this SD card must be inserted in the notetaker on reboot or the program disappears.
    • You can install it again by placing the SD card in the unit and resetting the unit once more.
    • Also, if you try to access the program without the SD card inserted, you are given a message that the card must be inserted to access the data.
Last updated on March 22, 2021