Opening a Daisy Book on the Polaris and Polaris Mini

Step 1: If applicable, navigate to the main menu by pressing F1.
Step 2: Open the Media menu by pressing the letter M (dots 1, 3, 4).
Step 3: Open the Daisy Player app by pressing the letter D (dots 1, 4, 5).
Step 4: Navigate to your desired book.

Note: By default, the Daisy Player will open a dialog box to search for your book and starts in the “Books” folder. If your book is located in a different folder, press Backspace to move up a folder in the folder structure. Navigate to your desired folder or book by scrolling with Space + Dot 1 and Space + Dot 4.

Step 5: Select the book you want to open by pressing Space.

Note: Pressing Enter on the book will place you inside a folder with several items. Since a Daisy File is a series of separate files, you actually want to open the folder as the book instead of the individual files.

Step 6: With your book selected, press Enter.

Last updated on June 5, 2020